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Sell House Fast San Jacinto

Sell House Fast San Jacinto
Video Transcription

Need To Sell Your House Fast in San Jacinto?


Hey guys, it’s Silvestre with I wanted to make this quick video for you guys that need to sell your house fast in San Jacinto. Sometimes these situations come up for any number of reasons. It could be divorce, you inherited the house, job relocation, pre foreclosure, any one of those reasons or something else. Life happens. We completely understand that sometimes you need to get a guaranteed cash offer and not put the house on the market. You may just not like realtors, and you may not want to put your house on the market for sale or to have random people walking through your home.

We understand that’s the understanding of a traditional listing and that absolutely still does happen, but a cash sale gets rid of all those things. It’s a streamlined quick transaction. You get cash in your hands way faster than a traditional sale, and it’s a guaranteed cash offer.

So those are some of the benefits. More benefits in addition to that is that you’re not going to have to do any repairs whatsoever. Now, you compare that to a traditional listing, and you have buyers that are very nit-picky. They’re going to get an inspection. They’re going to start going through the entire book that’s about this big. They’re going to nitpick every little thing, and they’re going to ask you, “Hey, can you repair this? Can you repair that?” And even if they don’t ask you for repairs, what they’re going to do is ask you for credit, so at the end of the day, you’re still going to have to pay for those repairs or at least negotiate regarding those repairs.

Now moving back to a cash offer, a cash offer, what it’s going to do is eliminate the need for repairs. It’s completely as is. We are the direct buyer. We do our own due diligence. We take a look at it, and we buy it as is from you, so that’s a huge benefit right there. And it’s a guaranteed cash offer, so there’s no loans involved that may fall through in escrow. That’s one of the most frustrating things about selling your house traditionally is once you enter escrow, you can be in the last leg of the transaction, the final week, the final day, and something falls through. There’s nothing more frustrating than escrow falling through at the last minute.

Now with a cash offer, that’s not going to happen with us. We are guaranteed cash buyers, and if we come to an agreement, that means you’re locked in with a guaranteed buyer. It’s not somebody that’s just a run of the mill, getting a loan, and possibly can fall through at a later time. So those are some of the benefits. You get your cash a lot quicker and it’s a guaranteed cash sale.

There is going to be a streamlined process, and we’re going to guide you through all of that. That’s part of our service. We’re locally owned here in San Jacinto. We’re located right off of Esplanade and Villines Avenue, and we’ve been here for about 15 years now. We’ve been in real estate for a little over 10 years, and we’re fully licensed. What that means is that we are held to a higher standard here in the state of California, and we’re not just people off the streets that are involved in real estate. We actually have our license number right on our website. Contact us today if you want to sell house fast San Jacinto! You can find us easily on there, and give us a call, put your information online, get in contact with us. We would love to help you guys out with your fast cash sale. You guys have a great day. Thanks a lot.

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