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Video Transcription

Hey guys, it’s Silvestre with Quick video for you guys, outlining our services in Riverside. For those that need to sell your house fast in Riverside, anywhere in Riverside County or the city of Riverside, we could absolutely help. I wanted to go over the differences between a traditional sale and the cash offer.

Now, you’ve seen all the commercials, realtor commercials, real estate agents… if you’ve sold a house before, or you’ve inquired about selling the house before with a realtor or a real estate agent, you kind of know the process or are familiar with the process, but I can kind of break them down in a few steps, and of course, this is going to be a simplification of the process, but it’s generally what you’re going to go through when you go ahead and sell your house with an agent.

Number one, obviously, is just going to be, hire an agent. You’re going to vet that agent. You can find them on Zillow or various sources online, or through word of mouth.

Number two is you’re going to negotiate a commission. They’re going to want to put your house on the market. They’re going to go over all the ways that they’re going to market your house. So, it’s a process. They’re going to take pictures, they’re going to have open houses. Okay? So, all these things ultimately don’t guarantee that your house is going to be sold. And now, one of the things… you better make absolutely sure that they price that house accurately, because what happens is if they price it too high, buyers get turned off and your days on market skyrocket, okay? And then buyers will use that as a negotiation tool against you.

So, those are really simplified steps. I mean, there’s a lot more to it. Obviously, listing to your house on the market may work for some folks, and it’s still a viable option today. Normally, when you put your house on the market in this climate right now, and this is still a seller’s market in most areas, it’s still a viable option.

So, open houses, hiring a realtor, commissions, selling fees, selling costs through escrow, these are all part of the transaction. So, when you’re a seller selling your house, you are responsible for paying both agents. You have the buyer’s agent, and then you have your agent. So, you have both of the commissions that you’re going to be responsible for paying. In addition to that, you also have escrow fees. Okay? So this is in addition to the commissions that you’re going to pay to both of the agents. So, you also have escrow fees, and that can go up to 3% of the total sales price.

Generally you’re between six and eight, even up to 10%, sometimes, of the total selling price of the house. This can eat up a significant amount of your hard-earned equity.

Now let’s move to a cash offer. It’s highly simplified. The process is very easy. Normally you go through looking for a cash buyer.You found one already. We are verified cash buyers in Riverside County. We’ve bought lots of homes for cash, and we’ve closed in less than 10 days. We can produce information to prove that, but what does that mean for somebody that wants to sell their house fast? Well, that means that if you’re facing foreclosure or you absolutely need to sell it within two weeks or less, we can absolutely perform and close. That means you’re not going to fall out of escrow over guaranteed buyers. We do a quick walkthrough of the house in most cases. We’re not going to go through with inspectors and create a big list of items that we need to repair, because we buy houses in Riverside!

We don’t require any repairs whatsoever. One of the other benefits that we offer that not a lot of people do is that even after the close of escrow, you can get your money and you can make your next move. So, you’re not having to vacate the premise within two or three days after the close of escrow, after you get your money, basically. So you’ll have ample time to be able to figure out your next step. This works for a lot of our clients because you don’t have a place to stay immediately after selling your house. So, we can talk about, even providing you temporary housing in your same house for up to 45 days. If that’s something that our clients require, we absolutely would love to help with that.

Another thing that we do is the whole process is transparent. It’s still a legal process through escrow, but it’s a lot faster, and we’re guaranteed buyers that do not fall out of escrow. It’s a guaranteed cash sale and it’s a quick sale. We buy as is, and we buy houses all over Riverside for cash. So if you need to sell your house fast in Riverside, give us a call; 951-438-7773, or just fill out the information on our website at, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Guys, have a great day. Thank you for spending time with us here at Madrid Property Solutions. Don’t forget, we buy houses in Riverside! I wish you the best. We’ll talk to you soon.

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