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A Better Way of Selling, No Repairs, No Fees or Commissions, No Headache! Leave All The Heavy Lifting To Us!

How do we offer such an easy process? SIMPLE! There is no middleman, you are selling direct to us! Doing so saves you thousands in commissions and fees!

Want a quick stress free way to sell?

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So How Does It All Work? is quite simple! Let’s go through some of the reasons you might be here today

  • You don’t want to deal with the hassle of a traditional agent sale
  • you’re going through a divorce of some other life changing moment
  • You are relocating and need a quick sale
  • You do not like the uncertainty of a tradition realtor transaction
  • You may be facing foreclosure and want to cash out
  • You were given a house you do not want to deal with
  • Or any other reason!

Whatever the reason may be, we can guide you through the easy process of selling!

Stop the headache of your unwanted property and move on to a more stress free life! You know the issue, now it is time for a solution!

Now that we’ve covered how to get in touch, we want to make you the expert on the topic of selling your house fast for cash. We know you are wondering, “How do I sell my house fast In California?” To accomplish your goal, we will cover how exactly we go through the process of making you an all cash fair offer. We love being transparent about our process! So let’s dive right in shall we?

One common issue with other homebuyers is the fly by night operations that tend to pull offers out of thin air with absolutely no basis! Where oh where do they get their numbers from, and why is it all smoke and mirrors?

The feedback we hear from our clients about other so called home buying companies here in California is outrageous! One tactic will tie you in to a contract with a higher than normal price for your home, then switch it to a lower price after the inspection..the ol bait n switch! Let us show you the right way!

We make only fair offers that are fully transparent! It is in our best interest to give you top dollar for your home. We spend time money and effort traveling all over Californiathis service is 100% Free To You so it is in our best interest to only give you the most money for your home, otherwise our efforts are worth nothing!

We make offers based on what your house will be worth AFTER it is fixed up. We call this the ARV or After Repair Value. Once we verify the property condition, we make the highest offer so you can make the most money while in turn making a small profit for ourselves. You see, when you put a house on the market..traditional sales can eat up-to 10% or more of the final sales price! When you sell to us, there are ZERO fees!

That is our biiiig secret to staying in business here in California, by making sure you are happy with our offer and by operating with transparency and integrity! Crazy right?

Stop The Headache, Move On To A More Stress Free Life! Just Fill Out The No Obligation Form To Get Started!